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TRESCALINI, the specialist in made-to-measure stairs and railings.
The all-glass staircase: a perfect fusion of transparency and elegance, bringing a modern and sophisticated touch to your interior.
a marriage of robustness and sleek design. For a contemporary or industrial atmosphere, this staircase will satisfy your desires.
The staircase with suspended steps: an airy and modern aesthetic for your interior, offering a feeling of space and a touch of sophistication.

Impressive symmetry and enhanced stability. The two stringers give this staircase a majestic look and a remarkable design.

The folded sheet metal staircase: a successful marriage between functionality and industrial aesthetics.
The central stringer staircase: an elegant design emphasizing beauty and symmetry. The central stringer creates a striking focal point, providing both stability and aesthetic appeal.
The rack-and-pinion staircase: a harmonious blend of simplicity and functionality.
A light and elegant design that combines style and functionality. With its minimalist design, this staircase is ideal for contemporary spaces, bringing a touch of modernity to your interior.